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Release date: 20 february 2024

Format: Vinyl 12'' + Digital

Label: Okum Produzioni

Publishing: Hoodooh / Warp

Rhabdomantic Orchestra
Gianluca Petrella
Clap! Clap!
The Great Paper Massascre

<<I wrote this tune following a heist movie storyline of my own creation called “La Grandiosa”. I've tried to explore the narrative potential of the arrangements and sound organization until I could vividly see the entire movie. For us this tune it is not just a soundtrack for an imaginary film; “La Grandiosa” is the movie itself, captured through notes, rhythm, pauses, tension, and release>>  (Manuel Volpe)

Imagine a Guy Ritchie's entanglements with Ugo Tognazzi in the role of Franky “Four-Fingers”, add some echoes of Sergio Leone that fade into a Umiliani's Synth theme, then conclude with some Nino Rota's Strings counterpoints for a grand finale. Can you imagine it?
Now overlay all these elements on a reggaeton beat, the afrobeat brass, a heavy bass line and here you have La Grandiosa: hilarious, surreal, funny and excessive with a touch of playful pretentiousness!

<<When I heard the track 'La Grandiosa' by Rhabdomantic Orchestra, I was immediately struck by the mood and the sonic imagery it conveyed, characterized by the refinement that leaves the good, decisive aftertaste of Ethiopian jazz. This track, for me, represents the genuine continuation of a deep 'musical diaspora' or rather a 'sonic stylistic connection' that has been traveling for years along the path of mutual respect between diverse cultures. It was therefore natural for me to connect all this to dub; after all, cultures such as Ethiopian and Caribbean are already undeniably interconnected by now, and this is nothing but a reinforcement, a further step forward along the vast path of global cultural exchange, which we finally live and cultivate today in different contexts, also thanks to the creation of tracks like this composed by Rhabdomantic>>. (Clap! Clap!)

Written and produced by Manuel Volpe, La Grandiosa sees the work of an extended version of the Turin based collective Rhabdomantic Orchestra, the featuring of Gianluca Petrella (ECM, Blue Note, Ninja Tune), the Dub Version by Clap! Clap! (Warp) and visual project made by collage artist and designer The Great Paper Massacre.

La Grandiosa_Cover_DEF 3000x3000px.jpg

Produced by Manuel Volpe

Written by Manuel Volpe

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Manuel Volpe

Studio: Rubedo Recordings, Torino September 2023

Artwork and Design: The Great Paper Massacre


La Grandiosa starring:

Manuel Volpe: bass, guitar, electronics

Simone Pozzi: drum, percussions

Luca Spena: percussions

Diego Grassedonio: baritone sax, flute

Maurizio Busca: tenor sax

Simone Garino: alto sax

Stefano Cocon: trumpet

Igor Vigna: trumpet

Nicola Meloni: moog

Gianandrea Cravero: guitar

Benedetta Fabbri: violin

Giulia Pecora: violin

Matteo Mandurrino: viola

Clarissa Marino: cello


special guest

Gianluca Petrella: trombone

​21 March Le Singe, BIENNE CH

22 March Kaschemme, BASEL CH

23 March Hydro, BIELLA IT

27 March Arci Bellezza, MILANO IT

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