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Recording studio with vibes
Via Cenischia 26/a - Torino


Rubedo Recordings is a vibey recording studio in Turin run by the Italian producer Manuel Volpe providing Recording, Mixing and Mastering services at top quality.

Born as Rhabdomantic Orchestra headquarter the studio is open to artists and bands looking for a certain approach on production and recording focused on performance and creativity.

The control room is build around our Trident Series 65 console and the original 60s' Ampex 8 track tape-machine owned by Maestro Piero Umiliani. Three rooms of 45m² (live room), 20m² (wood room), 6m² (dead room) give the possibility to catch live tracking with good sound separation.

Get in touch: or use this link to get a quotation. 

We welcome freelancers and external producers giving full access to the studio and equipment


​Credits since 2016: 

Rhabdomantic OrchestraAndrea Benini (Mop Mop) & Gianluca Petrella, Frankie hi-nrg vs. Aljazzeera, TweeedoLapsus Lumine ft Jim Black & Ernst Reijseger, OPEZ, Enrico Gabrielli + Sebastiano De Gennaro, Edna (Stefano Risso, Mattia Barbieri, Andrea Bozzetto), Black Peacock, Giulia Damico 4et, Icefire 4tet, Giulia DamicoSatoyama, Nicholas RemondinoPietra Tonale, Sara Berts, Achille Acakpo, Ōtonn, Natura Morta,  Golpe, Gregor Kay, Salmoni, Giulia Impache, Beat Rice, Lame, Movie Star Junkies, The Blues Against Youth, Monsieur Voltaire, Carlo Barbagallo, Treehorn, FUHOne Dying Wish, Ape UnitNitritono, Ananasnna, Roncea, Sasso, Zyp, Byenow + Any Other, Calavera, Diego Posse Klug, MovionLow Standards High Fives, Starving Pets, The WendsZero Kills, Sworn, Ivan & The Plant, Carsico, Follia Nuda, Masche, Kossiga, One Blood Family, Misrak Mossisa, Moussa Sanou, Haitch, Sacramento, Luca Morino (Mau Mau), John Rugman & The Spirits, Underbar, Tenco Famiglia, Jellish, Gibilrossa, Bandaradan with Anastasiia Yeromenko, 88 Folli, I Shot A Man, Dead Cat In A Bag, Suzanne's Silver, Jean-François La Porte, Arco, Merçe, Massimo Silverio, JAZZ IS DEAD Festival (The Necks, Lino Capra Vaccina, Antonio Raia live on Battiti Rai Radio 3)  TSAO!, Shanti Shepard, Etruschi From Lakota, Adam Smith, Malazur, Paolo Bonfanti




Manuel Volpe (Jesi, 1988) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, recording and mixing engineer.

He started studying music at 11, piano then bass. deepening jazz language with Massimo Moriconi (Mina, Chet Baker...). At the same time his all rounded passion for music led him to experiment different languages ​​as punk, hardcore, world music, funk and songwriting.

As artist he have released three album "Gloom Lies" (Goatman Records 2013), "Albore" (Agogo Records 2016) and "Almagre" (Agogo Records 2022) gaining the attention of international press. His music was broadcasted on Worldwide FM,
FIP Radio France, NPR Usa, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Rai Radio 3, RSI, Radio Capital, Radio Monte Carlo, Itapema (Brasil), Brooklyn Radio etc


Since 2014 he leads the Rhabdomantic Orchestra.

Since 2007 he started to deepen his interest in recording and production learning the craft at the prestigious Red House Recordings where he had the chance to work with producer like David Lenci (One Dimensional Man, Uzeda), Massimiliano Moccia (Three Second Kiss, Movie Star Junkies), Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies), Rob Ellis (Pj Harvey, Marianne Faithfull), Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck). He also curated live sounds for Ancona Jazz for top artist as Antonio Sanchez, Jerry Bergonzi, Franco Cerri. and Jazz Is Dead Festival 2022 with Dalek, Holy Tongue, Mc Yallah and Debmaster. 

Selected works


Video in studio